Rules at a Glance

The CMAO will follow the 2019 SKITA Rules

“SKITA Rules at a Glance” are a condensed version of the official SKITA Handbook. See the SKITA Handbook for detailed, specific & expanded rule clearification, official arbitration procedures & penalties at (then click SKITA).

The “Rules at a Glance” is updated annually, thus takes precedence over the official SKITA Handbook in regard to discrepancies. Yearly revisions in the “Rules at a Glance” are underlined & take precedence over any previous “Rules at a Glance”. SKITA Rules apply to all ranks & ages unless specified otherwise. (See the Super Grands brochure for “Modified Rules at a Glance” that apply to only the Super Grands/Amateur Int’ls.

For more complete information you may:
Download the full SKITA Rules at a Glance PDF