Super Organized

Friday & Saturday May 26 – 27, 2022

Hilton DoubleTree Hotel & Conference Center

We would like to cordially invite you to our 20th Annual Carolina Martial Arts Open!!

The Carolina Martial Arts Open is back – SUPER ORGANIZED!!

Staying true to my character, this year’s event promises to build on the reputation we established 20 years ago as a well-run, super-organized event worthy of your attendance! We have put many hours into producing what will be an exceptional event for everyone from the 4-year-old Beginner to the Master Blackbelt!

This year we are hosting the Carolina Martial Arts Open at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel & Conference Center. What a beautiful blessing to have an entire weekend of martial arts competition, friendship, and memories – under one roof! All rings will be covered by matted surfaces.

This year along with our beautiful and professional plaques we are offering prize money to all Grand Champions; both Blackbelt and Underbelt!! All competitors will receive awards for competitive spirit regardless of placement!

We hope that you will choose to compete at this year’s Carolina Martial Arts Open and help us celebrate life!!

Grandmaster Jerry Piddington

It is with great pleasure that our Association (AKANA) has granted sponsorship to the Carolina Martial Arts Open. We are so very happy to give our blessings to Mr. Brian Pena and The Karate Dojo for its continued outreach to the Martial World, with its dedication and commitment to safe and secured procedures and practice of a Quality gathering. The organization and management of competitors and spectators is without doubt the best in the industry of Sport Karate Tournaments. I wish for all Sport Karate Competitors along with all the AKANA members who will be attending this event to show the world that life is abundant with love, faith, hope, for a better world. Karate-do changes and saves lives every day. Be a part of history in South Carolina, see you all there.

Shawna Shannon, Shanaki Karate in Virginia

The Carolina Martial Arts Open is a World Class sport karate event, with World Class competition. This is unquestionably one of the top, “must do” tournaments of the year. Our students had an absolute blast last year! Promoter, Brian Pena is not only a professional at the highest level, but he’s also a man of impeccable character. He leads by example, and his high expectations, love for the martial arts, and drive to better the sport all shine here. We unequivocally recommend this event, no matter what your level of experience. DON’T MISS THIS ONE! We can’t wait!!

Billee Purvis, LifeForce Fighter Group

The CMAO is consistently one of the best coordinated tournaments I attend. It’s obvious that Brian Pena spends the time to meticulously train staff. He also does what it takes to hang onto valuable, experienced staff members from year to year. All this makes for a well organized, smooth running tournament experience.

Grandmaster Dr. Germon "Mama G" Miller, Ph.D.

As a 30 year veteran martial scientist, international competitor and founder of my own system – it is with great honor that I salute Master Brian Pena for his journey to bring excellence and equality to the martial arts circuit and communities of South Carolina. From his inaugural tournament that I personally attended to his subsequent events that I brought my students to compete in – I always found the experience to be of the highest quality from the awards to the judging and especially the overall family atmosphere, fairness and humanity for all cultures and systems represented.

Rick Lee

The Carolina Open is by far the most organized and efficiently run event. It’s a great feeling to know that you can send even your newest students to a tournament and expect them to have a positive experience.

Former Promoter: Great Southeast Nationals Spartanburg, SC

Cass Sigmon, Team Full Circle

For the past few years the Carolina Martial Arts Open has been my favorite event in the Southeast!

Lindy Woods, Chun Kuk Do

The CMAO was the first rated tournament that my students and I attended. I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find our way around or know what to do, but the CMAO staff was very helpful and friendly. The competition was great and it motivated my students to go back to the karate school and sharpen their skills for the next big competition!

Devin Waldrop, Columbia SC

If the rest of the karate world ran their tournaments the way that Brian Pena and The Karate Dojo does, you would see Sport Martial Arts on network TV five nights a week. The Carolina Martial Arts Open is one of the premier karate tournaments in the nation, let alone the Southeast.